HIT industry waits for CMS to delay ICD-10 deadline

Carl Natale
by Carl Natale

What's delaying the delay of ICD-10 implementation?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) delayed their willingness to re-examine the timeline and propose a delay through rulemaking more than a week ago. Shouldn't we be reading the proposed rule by now and arguing about it by now?

The healthcare information technology industry has had a week to guess what's coming. Sue Bowman, director of coding policy and compliance at the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), got HIMSS12 started with some empathy for physicians feeling overwhelmed by federally mandated initiatives. But still made the case for ICD-10 coding.

She also explained why many people don't think we can just leapfrog ICD-10-CM/PCS to ICD-11. The U.S. version probably won't be ready until 2010. Even if you think that the federal government is going to become incredibly efficient soon and accelerate that timeline, transitioning from ICD-9 codes to ICD-11 codes will be incredibly complicated and expensive. Even more than the ICD-10 transition.

There's a lot of people thinking that the CMS will stagger ICD-10 compliance deadlines as a way to help small hospitals and medical practices without hurting the healthcare organizations with massive ICD-10 projects on track to meet the Oct. 1, 2013, deadline. The real question is whether that is a 'meaningful' delay for the AMA.

What do ICD-10, doc fix have in common? Nothing good

Westby G. Fisher, a cardiologist, isn't happy with a delay in ICD-10 implementation because he wants it scrapped entirely. And he thinks that the reason for a delay has more to do with a lack of preparedness with HIT providers than physicians' protests:

"Let me clear: doctors are NOT okay with ICD-10. We never have been. Nor will we ever be. It provides NO value to the patient experience. And let me be even clearer: the REAL reason this can is being kicked down the road is because there are not enough programmers in the world capable of debugging and writing the mounds of computer code accross the scores of information systems out there in the time allotted, nor personnel capable of training all the medical coders and the various permutations of 'medical providers' out there on how to use this system."

He has a point about the federal government being unable to solve problems as opposed to "kicking cans down the road." No one in Washington seems to want to be held accountable to any decision before the election. (MedCity News)

ICD-10 Timeline: How to get started on your ICD-10 transition

Not sure how relevant this is anymore but HIMSS and AHIMA created a simple timeline designed to get healthcare providers ICD-10 compliant by Oct. 1, 2013. (ICD10 Watch)

The Outrageous, the Outraged and the Courageous: Another Attempt to Halt the Healthcare IT Evolution

Michael Planchart is spot on with his analysis of the vigorous opposition and the timeline re-examination. (The EHR Guy's Blog)

CHIME urges HHS to make quick decision on ICD-10

The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) has called on the Department of Health and Human Services to “quickly and decisively” set a compliance date for ICD-10. (Healthcare IT News)

2012 HIMSS Leadership Survey: IT staffing shortage key barrier to meeting IT priorities

It's not the money, it's the staffing that's making it hard for healthcare organizations to implementing IT initiatives according to a survey. (Healthcare IT News)

Seizing the Opportunity in the ICD-10 Delay

Heather Haugen explains why delaying ICD-10 implementation is not an advantage to many healthcare providers. (The Health Care Blog)

Ten for 10: Top Ten Reasons We Need ICD-10 Now

AHIMA makes its case for why ICD-10 codes are needed. The list was composed to serve as talking points in the upcoming debates over the new ICD-10 deadline. But the points have all been made before and haven't deterred vigorous opposition. (AHIMA)

Live from HIMSS12: ICD-10, Meaningful Use & Social Media

Neil Versel rounds up some important themes coming out of HIMSS12. (The Health Care Blog)

HIMSS ICD-10 Symposium Take-aways

Anita Archer lists her top six takeaways from HIMSS12 this week. (Hayes' Healthcare IT Blog)

ICD-10 “Snooze” Debate at HIMSS12

Joe Lavelle is the Southeast Region VP for e4 Services, rounds up some of the comments about ICD-10 implementation he's heard at HIMSS12. (Healthcare IT Today)

HIMSS Calls for Maintaining October 1, 2013 ICD-10 Implementation Deadline for Most Healthcare Entities

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems argues that it's best to stay the course on ICD-10. (HIMSS - News)

Tweet of the Week

"I am suffering #5010 #ICD10#MU information overload." (@Tao_Of_Terri)

Which is why I do the Week in Review. So you know what you need to pay attention to.

Performance measures crucial to health improvement, says Corrigan

Janet Corrigan, president and CEO of the National Quality Forum, tells the HIMSS12 audience that standardized performance measures are essential to improving the quality of healthcare. (Healthcare IT News)

ICD-10 Tops Current Worries For Medical Practices

A survey of practice managers says they're most worried about ICD-10 implementation. The survey was conducted before last week's timeline announcement. (IW Healthcare - NEWS & ANALYSIS)

Health care CIOs must be champions of information exchange

Paul Grundy, M.D., president of the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative, explains how important data will be to healthcare. (SearchHealthIT)

Utilization management and ICD-10: 5 key benefits for payers

Baskar Mohan, Director, Healthcare Practice, Virtusa Corporation explains five areas that will benefit from ICD-10 coding:

  1. Ensure proper medical care
  2. Prior authorizations
  3. Auto approvals
  4. Claims adjudication
  5. Meaningful medical policies

(Health IT Exchange)

The EHR and ICD-10 Connection

Ron Sterling writes this is the time to start looking at how ICD-10 coding needs to be integrated in your electronic health record (EHR) system. (Health Care It Scope)

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