May 09, 2011
Carl Natale

New community editor taking over ICD10Watch

Hi, I'm Carl, and I'm a blogger. I'm taking over ICD10Watch from Thomas Sullivan. I've been a blogger for years. Even before I knew what blogging was. It started out with news. Then it led to...
May 06, 2011
Carl Natale

A farewell, an introduction, and a note of thanks

Come Monday, a new community editor will be running ICD10Watch – I am passing the site to veteran reporter Carl Natale. By way of a brief introduction, Carl has been working with newspapers and...
May 05, 2011
Carl Natale

Precyse unwraps ICD-10-ready HIM platform

Precyse on Thursday detailed a healthcare information management (HIM) platform that, it says, is ready for ICD-10.  The new platform, Precyse explained in a statement, combines Natural Language...
May 04, 2011
Carl Natale

One way to tell which vendors are ready for HIPAA 5010

The current status of myriad providers, payers, clearinghouses is something of an uncomfortable relationship with both HIPAA 5010 and the software vendors they are counting on to deliver requisite...
May 02, 2011
Carl Natale

Vendor's ire: Payers aren't HIPAA 5010-ready. Is anyone?

In yet another indication that the healthcare industry is lagging with HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10, one software vendor has gotten so fed up it issued a public statement just, it would appear, to exercise...
April 29, 2011
Carl Natale

Virtusa cloud tool to assess ICD-10 migration costs

ICD-10 will have a large financial impact on providers, payers, clearinghouses, to be certain – but pinpointing exactly how much it will cost is a thorny matter. With that in mind, Virtusa detailed...
April 28, 2011
Carl Natale

University health group to offer 3M ICD-10 tools

ICD10Watch sponsor 3M Health Information Systems announced that University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC) will make the vendor’s ICD-10 wares available. The alliance, representing 90 percent of the...
April 27, 2011
Carl Natale

CMS details upcoming ICD-10 call

CMS (The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) has posted information about its next ICD-10-related national provider teleconference. Dubbed, “CMS ICD-10 Conversion Activities,” the material is...
April 26, 2011
Carl Natale

AHIMA's Top 10 ICD-10 documentation problems

The new code sets promise challenges across the spectrum of uses and users, coding documentation being no exception. “Some documentation issues will require physicians to capture new information;...
April 18, 2011
Carl Natale

Readers rage against idea of delaying ICD-10

Nobody likes an unfunded mandate. Or, wait just a moment, do they? Some healthcare professionals involved in ICD-10 might actually welcome that particular conversion, after all. Our story last week...